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SEMOR: Safety Enhancement of Maintenance Operators in Railway worksite

Summary - Safety on railway working sites is a crucial issue in ensuring that sentinels are not put at risk during the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure. The SEMOR system improves the safety equipment of personnel working on working sites, and the vehicles they use, by providing real-time positioning of them, supporting the role of the covering agent. The objective of the project is to centralize in a portable Central Supervisory System (CSS) the location of all sentinels and vehicles (with particular regard to moving parts that could encroach on the adjacent track) of a railway yard. To achieve this, operators and vehicles are equipped with an individual portable localization and signaling device aimed to ensuring the safety of operators and the protection of trains in transit, passengers, and personnel on board (which is why the work vehicles are equipped). A strategy based on a multi-constellation GNSS receiver and an INS (Inertial Navigation System) device was developed to detect the position in real time, accurately and robustly.


  • Settembre
Num. 9
Pag. 625