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The project of the new “Chiaia” station of Line 6 by Peter GREENAWAY and the impact of the “mandatory museum” of the Naples underground network

Summary - Undergrounds and urban railways have become significant places from a cultural point of view, real distinctive signs of cities and their development. In this context, the Neapolitan capital (Italy) was among the first cities in Europe to understand the importance of building stations with high artistic and architectural standards. The desire to create an impressive infrastructural and architectural project, the strong innovative drive and the vision at the basis of the metro city project have been adopted, over the years, also in the planning of new underground lines such as Line 6. The purpose of this paper was to continue the narration of this visionary design idea by describing one of the most representative new station “Chiaia” of the Line 6, designed by the British artist Peter GREENAWAY. Furthermore, in order to quantify the impact of the Art Metro on the city and its citizens, a mobility survey was also carried out aimed at quantifying the number and type of visitors and tourists of the works of art widely exhibited in the overall Neapolitan metropolitan system.

  • Ottobre
Num. 10
Pag. 769