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A Multi-Criteria based Approach for Safety Assessment and Improvement of Railway Level Crossings (RLCs)

Summary - The present paper develops a “decision tool” that helps railway infrastructure managers decide the interventions to make at a given railway level crossing of the network in order to improve safety for rail traffic and road users. The current research is based on multicriteria analysis using the PROMETHEE methodology. The proposed methodology is tested on two railway level crossings of the Hellenic railway network. The interventions considered in this study include grade separation, crossing closure, improvement of railway level crossing characteristics, and rehabilitation of underperforming railway level crossings based on standard specifications. The aim of this research is to rank qualifying improvement interventions that deal with railway crossings’ safety through multi-criteria decisionmaking analysis. Visual PROMETHEE Academic Edition version software was used to rank the improvement actions/ interventions and select the best ones for each railway level crossing.


  • Febbraio
Num. 2
Pag. 145