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Consumo energetico nelle ferrovie metropolitane

Summary - The present work analyzes the energy consumption of the electric railway system, referring mainly to the metropolitan lines and indicating the parameters that characterize them. Both the consumption of civil users and that of traction are considered in order to highlight the possibilities for energy saving. For civil users of stations and depots, no particular indications emerge, however their quantification provides useful elements for evaluating their contribution to total consumption and the possibilities of energy saving for the design and management of new lines. The energy produced by electrodynamic braking constitutes a concrete possibility, but its exploitation depends both on the structural parameters of the line and on the operation program and its actual performance. The experimental findings provide useful elements for the calibration of the theoretical models and highlight the effect of the distance between stops and the timing of the trains on energy saving.


  • Aprile
Num. 4
Pag. 273