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“Cradle to gate with options” analysis of railway concrete sleepers

Summary - The transportation sector is responsible for about 25% of greenhouse gases and plays a pivotal role in countering global warming and emissions to the air. Railway is the most efficient transport system due to its low emissions per transport unit for freights and passengers. However, it is meaningful to assess the impacts of the infrastructure itself at the Product Stage, Construction Process Stage, and End of Life Stage. This study assesses the environmental impact of the production, installation, and dismantling of one 230 VN prestressed concrete railway sleeper with fastening system. The methodology used is the Life Cycle Assessment - LCA according to the standard UNI EN 15804:2012 + A2:2019. The examined life cycle involves the emission of 83 kg of CO2 eq. whose 10% is from the Construction Process Stage. Raw materials extraction, electricity production, and road transportation contribute 92%, 3%, and 5% to climate-altering impacts of the Product stage. The results highlight the variables to be addressed to increase the sustainability of the rail transportation system.


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