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Urban sprawl and commuting mobility: a macro-analysis on Italian cities

Abstract - The cause-effect relationship between certain characteristics of urban settlement areas and the types of mobility that follow is intuitive. Scientific research has of- ten found statistical relationships between the two phenom- ena, but it did not define quantitative relationships of gen- eral validity.
With regard to the majority of Italian provincial capital cities, this study analyses, at the macro-level, possible rela- tionships between certain sprawl indexes and certain para- meters that are representative of urban mobility and devel- ops guideline estimates for the effects that the change of se- lected territorial indexes would have on transport modal split, assesses the consequences in terms of lower CO2 emis- sions for the environment and higher revenues for urban public transport, and presents considerations and sugges- tions.
The main goal of this research is to contribute to the un- derstanding of the relationships between urban sprawl and commuting mobility.

  • Aprile
Num. 4
Pag. 255