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A quantitative model for the analysis of railway accessibility with bimodal vehicle in emergency conditions

Summary - This paper proposes a quantitative method for evaluating the accessibility of railway routes in the open air under emergency conditions using the bimodal road/rail vehicle supplied to the Fire Brigade.
The model is set up as a Decision Support Tool - DST useful for assessing current accessibility of each link that makes up a railway line and identifying any road/rail access points that could be improved and/or implemented.
The model was applied to a section of the old Milan- Turin line in order to verify the validity and reliability of the proposed tool.
The results of the tool can be used in a pre-event and a post-event phase: in the first case, the objective is to plan, programme and eventually achieve the accessibility improvements; in the second, the joint management of emergencies can be supported which requires the arrival of rescue teams in the shortest possible time.

  • Ottobre
Num. 10
Pag. 761