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Consumption and impacts of cable-driven People Movers: modal comparison and modern trends

Summary - Although the effectiveness of aerial ropeway systems is recognized for their low energy and low environmental impact, with generally lower consumption and emissions than other means of transport, an in-depth analysis of their energy performance in urban contexts is lacking in the scientific literature. This study aims to fill this gap by examining through simulations the energy and environmental impact of an aerial ropeway in various urban scenarios, depending on factors such as the gradient of the route and the hourly transport capacity. The applicability of ropeway technology in urban and metropolitan areas will be also discussed, highlighting its advantages and challenges. The article also presents a case study about a new type of hybrid cable car plant, the CableSmart system, first implemented in Switzerland in December 2023, which integrates ropeway and self-propelled technologies to overcome the traditional limitations of ropeway systems


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Num. 5
Pag. 385